Establishing in a new jurisdiction and obtaining the necessary regulatory licence for operating regulated entities is a rigorous process that needs to be carefully analysed, planned and executed. It all starts with the education and the investigation in which jurisdiction and what exact vehicle should be used. We are here to provide you with reliable information in a factual and usable format in order for you to make an informed decision and a very solid first step.

Once decisions are made on what is needed, we will assist you in setting up your company, obtaining the necessary licence, designing and seting-up your operations and be by your side after the license is obtained. We can assist with obtaining regulatory licensing and running:

  • Investment Firms;
  • Funds;
  • Fund Managers;
  • Payment Institutions
  • Administrative Services Providers; and
  • Electronic Money Institutions

We can manage your regulatory application from start to finish. We will guide you through the overall process and provide all necessary assistance in order for your application to adhere to the high standards set by the regulator. Our services include:

  • Analysis of the regulatory requirements relevant to your business
  • Advice on type of authorisation required
  • Advice on corporate governance, systems and controls
  • Ensuring your business plan addresses all areas of interest by the regulator
  • Design of the company's intenral policies and procedures
  • Liaising with your other advisers and with the regulator


B2B Lateral Thinking Solutions provides independent and professional risk and compliance services. Our vision is to partner up with our clients to assist them in achieving stability, continuity and a risk driven compliance framework. By employing us you achieve strong compliance governance and you eliminate potential conflicts of interest.

Compliance in a heavy-regulated and fast changing environment is becoming a challenge to many. We are here to assist you set-up and maintain a robust compliance framework. With no business, there is no need for compliance and with no compliance there is no future for the business. Our philosophy is to design a risk and compliance framework that is embedded in your business model and achieves protection for both the organisation and its revenues.

Services offered:

  • Drafting of risk and compliance policies and procedures;
  • Development of an efficient and easy to follow compliance monitoring plan;
  • Performing ‘compliance health checks’;
  • Training and ongoing assistance to risk and compliance personnel;
  • Acting as risk and/or compliance officers.


In the corporate world, legal considerations, the corporate set-up and operations are matters of utmost importance. Getting any one even slightly wrong could result in significant costs (tax, administration and legal) or even insolvency and legal liabilities.

Well thought-out and robust arrangements are vital to success. As such, we work closely with our clients in creating efficient structuring of business operations or transactions that result in long-term viable solutions. We aim to reduce current and future cost pressures and continuous structural changes.

Dealing with challenging and intellectually rigorous matters is our job. You can employ B2B Lateral Thinking Solutions as your external legal consultants for all your business related legal and corporate issues. Rest assured that we fully explore various areas of the law and provide you with the tools to adapt to the fast-changing legal landscape. We understand and appreciate that our success is measured by our clients’ success. The alignment of interest could not be stronger.

Areas of practice:

  • Registration of private and public companies
  • Settlement of trusts and foundations
  • Registration of licensed Investment Firms
  • Restructuring of business operations
  • Redomiciliation of companies
  • Dissolution of business operations
  • Contractual negotiation
  • Commercial contracts


Preparing an action plan is a good way to help you to reach your objectives in life. We strongly encourage everyone to take the necessary steps to ensure their estate, accumulated during years of hard work, will be wound up in an orderly manner, in the hands of the right people.

We would welcome the opportunity to work with you to design, execute and monitor your estate plan.

Estate planning is a dynamic process. What you wish today might change in the future. Also, the instruments currently available may become obsolete, or other more suitable solutions may be available in the future.

We can present and discuss with you the below options. For some clients, one may suffice but for others, a combination could be optimal. We will assist you in making an informed decision by presenting each alternative's benefits, costs and drawbacks.

  • Will
  • Trusts
  • Foundations
  • Private placement life insurance

Naturally, the choice of the solution(s) is just a small part of the process. The jurisdiction(s) in which these solutions are employed is equally important. The professionals and other stakeholders engaged (trustees, insurance company, investment advisors, asset managers, etc) also need close consideration.

Estate planning is necessary for everyone, and can be a very complex exercise. Those who have a plan can ensure that events unfold as they would like. Alternatively, ones estate can fall into the hands of someone you do not want to pass your wealth onto. Furthermore, tax, expenses and inflation can erode your estate if appropriate plans are not made in advance.


Expertise, experience and diligent approach are at their utmost importance during the design and execution of M&A transactions. A well thought through and robust plan as well as timing are critical to the successful completion of such activity. Any error or delay could result in loss of value or failure to conclude the deal.

The B2B Lateral Thinking Solutions M&A team has extensive experience in cross-border transactions and hands-on expertise in facilitating complex multijurisdictional projects. We closely work with our clients from initial stage of negotiations and strategic planning all the way to the efficient completion of the transaction and post-closing integration.

A combination of the multijurisdictional experience and fair pricing makes our M&A Team perfect for medium size M&A transactions. We would welcome the opportunity to work with you on:

  • Due diligence & AML compliance
  • Structuring of M&A transactions
  • Contractual negotiations
  • Drafting of M&A documentation
  • Facilitation of successful M&A completion
  • Post – M&A integration
  • Joint Ventures & Shareholders’ Agreements
  • Reorganizations


Undoubtedly, access to stable, reputable and international banks across different jurisdictions provide clients with stability and long-term banking partners.

With access to more than 40 highly ranked banks, located in more than 20 different countries, we can assist you to get the right arrangements in place. We have extensive experience in offshore, corporate and investment banking. This enables us to fully understand your needs and work with you to find the most suitable solutions for you. We address all requirements for individual, corporate and institutional clients.

Through our extensive experience in the field, we are able to fully understand credit reports as well as evaluating financial statements and other financial documents. When facing the continuously increasing complexity in the financial markets, such skills are a great resource.

Apart from accessing our global banking network, you can employ us to assist with:

Through many years of banking experience, we understand the banks' fee and pricing structures, which is an asset during fee negotiations.

Choosing the correct solution from a limited selection of products is somewhat different to choosing the correct product from all available solutions. We are highly qualified in making this distinction and have broad depth of knowledge in doing these evaluations.

Employing the latest online systems available from different banks can significantly reduce administration. Imagine, for example, having visibility of all six banks you employ around the world on just one online banking system provided by one of your banks.

Establishing and maintaining proper banking arrangements are very important in managing any business. We undertake to review your arrangements regularly and provide you with monitoring reports. In this way, you can be assured of the stability of your banking partners on a continuous basis and may be able to recognise early signs of distress.

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